02 March 2012

Celtic *koret- 'palisade'

A palisade

Celtic *koret- 'palisade' has been linked by some Indo-Europeanists to Germanic *xurdí-/*xúrθi- and Latin crātis 'hurdle'1, from an IE protoform whose meaning can be reconstructed as 'to weave'. 

A hurdle

However, IMHO this etymology is semantically unsatisfactory, as hurdles were traditionally made from wattle (woven split branches), while palisades are made from stakes planted vertically on the ground. This is why I'd prefer to derive the Celtic word from a different protoform *s-korHt- 'twig, pole' (Baltic, Germanic) in a pars pro toto etymology.

1 Whose diminutive form crātīcula is the origin of French grille 'grill' and similar Romance words.