11 May 2013

Celtiberian boustom 'cowshed, byre'

Celtiberian boustom 'cowshed, byre', attested in the Botorrita I text, is a compound from Celtic *bow- 'cow' < IE *gwōw- and *-sto- 'standing' < IE *stH2-o-1, formally identical to Old Irish búas 'riches, wealth (in kine)'2. In Iberian toponymy, this word has descendants in busto, bustar 'meadow': Busto, Bustelo/Bustillo, Busdongo, Bustarviejo, etc3.

I think possible for Iberian buiśtin-, boiśtin-, attested in La Serreta texts, to be a Celtiberian loanword with reduction of unstressed vowels o/u > i.
1 C. Jordán Cólera (2004): Celtibérico, p. 64.
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3 J.J. Moralejo (2007): Callaica nomina. Estudios de onomástica galega, p. 42.

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